Tutorial videos are several-minute-long how-to clips that reveal to you how precisely to perform a particular task. If you’ve never had a site and the hosting field is something absolutely new to you or if you’ve switched companies and have never seen the new hosting provider’s Control Panel, such videos will be exceptionally useful and will help you become familiar with the interface, not to mention the amount of time that you’ll spare. Without video tutorials, you’d have had to either test the different buttons inside the Control Panel or read help articles. Even though you can still learn how to get stuff done all on your own, it would be considerably easier to watch an easy-to-comprehend tutorial video and then to just abide by the directions, eliminating any chance of slipping up in case a particular help article is not intelligible enough.

Video Tutorials in Shared Hosting

All our shared hosting plans come bundled with an in-house built Control Panel, which is an unbelievably intuitive and easy to use, which suggests that you will not have any trouble doing anything you prefer. Even so, we've prepared an extensive video repository that includes numerous tutorials dedicated to every section of the Control Panel and the options that are accessible through it. In case you wish to find out how to create a brand-new database or to choose another PHP version for your account, for example, you can check the exact steps you need to comply with. We’ve gone even further – we have shot a number of tutorial videos too in order to offer you a clue as to what access and error logs are, or what system load is, for instance. You can browse all the available videos at any time, or you can watch only those that are applicable to a specific section of the Control Panel.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages come bundled with an extensive educative video library so as to provide you with the possibility to use all the functions and the whole power of our packages, even if you have no experience in such matters at all. Even if you are more technically competent, you could still resort to the videos and discover how to use our function-crammed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The topics that we’ve included are wide-ranging – what is system load, how to change the PHP version that your account uses or how to set up an e-mailbox account with several mouse clicks are just some examples. You can see how everything is done and spare time, even more so taking into account the fact that in every Control Panel section you can watch only videos that will acquaint you with what you can accomplish there. If you’d like to browse through all the videos that we have prepared, you can do that using the shortcut, which is located at the bottom of Hepsia’s index page. With their help, you’ll be able to do anything you want swiftly and seamlessly.